Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sexy Actress Anarkali Akarsha

Anarkali Akarsha is one of leading young actress who has much famous in Sri Lankan television and film sector.She has achieved alot in very young age of her life. Hear are still gallery of hot Sri Lankan actress . Anarkali Akarsha is glowing and looks super hot as ever and just about manages a coffee break to have a chat about her latest projects.Anarkali Akarsha's work schedule these days would match no other her age. The 18 year old, Ms Sri Lanka for Ms World of 2004, voted the most popular actress this year, song writer and now, the Public Relations Officer of the Minister of Foreign Affairs has a diary that is full. She's come a long way and no one is surprised.This young girl Anarkali Akarsha who not only represented our country in the Miss World beauty pageant of 2004 at just 17 years of age (youngest at the world pageant) but who is today hailed as a rising star in the local film scene and has 10 films and 5 tele-dramas tucked under her belt with six more to be released next year. That's not all she is the new brand ambassador for the international beauty product "Veet". We also see her on the TV screen often in a promoting cricket these days.

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