Sunday, December 8, 2013

Clicks of Chathurika and Gayan new

Chathurika Pieris is a hot Sri Lankan movie star and a Teledrama actress, who became popular because of her roles in movies like “Hiripoda Wessa” and “Nildiya Dahana”. Other than that she has starred in few other films and many other television dramas and TV commercials. One of her most famous TV commercials being the Nestomolt advertisement.
These days many people are talking about Chathurika Peris And Gayan Wickramathilaka because of their life issues.Some media had reported that these two popular characters were lovers. Many gossips were spread about their relationship.
However , Gayan and Chathurika going to act a scene which never seen before in a new teledrama.
Here we are posted some New Photos Of Gayan And Chathurika for your entertainment

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