Saturday, January 11, 2014

Vinu Everlasting Memories

Miss Sri Lanka 2012 Vinu Siriwardena, will compete for Miss Tourism Queen of the Year International title in Guangzhou, China, scheduled to take place from October 16 to November 3. She will compete with contestants from 80 countries.
As she promised to her fans that she will not give up hopes of representing Sri Lanka at an international pageant and bring home a crown, Vinu said “I am pretty much confident, it is not impossible at all to bring home a crown”.
The national franchise holder of Miss Tourism Queen of the Year International beauty pageant is Roshita Wickramasinghe and the Sri Lanka Tourist Board is the main sponsor.
“There are 13 mini pageants at the event and I am targeting the Miss Talent and Miss Friendly mini pageants which I believe I’m capable of winning. Hopefully with the support of my fashion designer Steven, I could get a good ranking in the Best National Costume too.
Being a Sri Lankan, I have the inborn character of friendliness. As we know, Sri Lankans are popular for their hospitality and friendliness. Therefore, I believe the Miss Friendly mini title would be an easy conquest for me,” Vinu said.
The traditional dancing item that Vinu will perform for the Miss Talent mini talent is choreographed by the internationally acclaimed choreographer Ravibandu Vidyapathi.
Vinu is quite certain about her victory when she says, “I am not only going to get the experience of an international beauty pageant, but win the crown for my motherland”.
Vinu said, “My advice especially to the girls who are good looking and intelligent and have the enthusiasm for this industry but hesitate to give it a try due to many cultural barriers, never let yourself be guided by the false information given by this industry.
Anyone can accomplish their dreams and aspirations if they put their hearts and souls into it. It is my good fortune that I could get into this industry and gain the opportunity and exposure to acquire the confidence to build my personality. Click on the photo to view more photos of Vinu is representing Sri Lanka at Miss Tourism International 2012

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