Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Colombo Fashion Week 2014 - Day Two

Colombo Fashion Week 2014  Day TwoColombo Fashion Week, in its 11th year, takes another step of strengthening Sri Lanka's fashion design industry by introducing three more developmental aspects which will be consistent with the overall objective and vision of CFW which is to single mindedly work towards uplifting Sri Lanka's fashion design industry.

Official Photographer Nadun Baduge

back hot

Nadun Baduge PhotographyAlexandra Pohilova short dress

Shumaila Musafer jeans short

Elixir Nahar hot spicy mini dress

iresha hot white dress

Smita Rao hot black bra visible

navel fashion show

hot back show

Shumaila Musafer shorts

Jenjum Gadi at HSBC CFW 2014 bikiniChristina Syms hot spicy navel

muthu saree hot

amanda short dress

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