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Dinakshie Priyasad latest hot stills photos at Jetwing Blue

Dinakshie Priyasad latest hot stills photos at Jetwing Blue
Basic Info

Born                     March 18, 1990
Location               Srilanka, Nugegoda
Gender                 Female

                         Personal Information


Dinakshi Priyasad is a well known TV presenter and the new face in Sri lankan teledrama industry. Even thougt Dinakshi Priyasad is new to acting, most of the Sri lankans have seen Dinakshi Priyasad on tele vision commercials such as “Holcim”, “Cream Soda”, “Koththu Mee” and Dinakshi's most popular “Chit Chat King Size” TV commercial.
Dinakshi Priyasad started her career as a TV presenter in the Sirasa TV “Punchi Panchi” program in the year of 2000. At present Dinakshi Priyasad is presenting “C View” musical program on Channel C on Dialog TV.
Dinakshi Priyasad born in Nugegoda and she has schooled in Holy Family Convent (HFC) in Bambalapitiya and the Royal Institute. Being a daughter of the Dinesh Priyasad and Shirani Priyasad, who are the professional film directors Dinakshi Priyasad got the influence of acting involuntarily.
According to Dinakshi Priyasad, she also interested in dancing and singing when Dinakshi Priyasad was schooling and there is a rumor saying that Dinakshi Priyasad is about to release her debut compact disk in the near future.

Dinakshie Priyasad at Jetwing Blueat Jetwing Blue hotel

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