Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sriyani Amarasena

Known As : Sriyani Amarasena
Real Name : Sriyani Amarasena
First Released : Golu Hadawatha 1968
Latest Released : Bomba saha Rosa

  • 40 Films [Main Actress]
  • 3 Films [Producer]
  • 51 Films [Actress]  

    Sriyani Amarasena is a Sri Lankan actress and producer. Sriyani has appeared in several Lester James Peries' movies including Golu Hadawatha, Desa Nisa and Ahasin Polawata.

    Her first production was Dath Kekulu Pala. She has since helmed three television serials made partly in London for Sri Lankan audiences. The first two, Ira Bata Taruwa and Hemanthaye Wasanthayak, were telecasted on Rupavahini to high ratings. Sriyani is married to journalist Arthur U. Amarasena and credits him for providing the support to become an actress.
  • Sriyani AmarasenaSriyani has appeared in several Lester James Peries movies

    Sriyani Amarasena Sri Lankan actress Golu Hadawatha 1968

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